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December 16, 2014

The Grab Brothers: Classic rock on the Cape

The Grab Brothers, Larry and Mark, are of the days when radio ruled and vinyl was the final word in recordin . . . . . .

March 5, 2013

Friday, November 2, 2012

Enterprise Newspaper/InsideOUT

Grab Brothers Band: Brothers In Arms

Offer Special Blend For Unique Sound

By Jason Savio


The cape currently has only a handful of bands actively recording original material: one is Provincetown’s Grab Brothers Band, a highly electric ensemble with a ready-to-rock groove tailor-made for success.  From the farthest point east on the cape, Grab Brothers Band’s sound is rolling all points west and bound to capture listeners’ ears.


They will bring their live set to the British Beer Company in Falmouth tonight at 10.

As their name suggests, the group is led by brothers Larry and Marc Grab, who sing and play bass and guitar respectively, with keyboard player Rob Scott and drummer Tom Corshia rounding out the lineup.


“It definitely has its advantages,” says Larry Grab about working with his brother marc. “we seem to know where we’re going on a song and our harmonies click easier due to vocal likeness.  Though our voices are different, we seem to create nice harmonies. It’s a brother thing.”

With a unique blend of psychedelic pop/rock, acoustic melodies and infectious vocals, the musicians have been able to distinguish themselves as a more creative and mature band that isn’t afraid to take chances, Marc Grab’s electric guitar solos are neatly laid out and memorable with just the right amount of heaviness and zest that make him one of the Cape’s premier guitarists, and the rest of the band bops and sways with confident ease. In an already unique sound, it is a common place to hear flutes or trombones make an appearance and add that extra flavor of individuality to different songs.

Some of those songs are featured on Grab Brothers Band’s newest album, “Asian Red,” an album inspired by an electric assortment of all the group’s influences from Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon, and Santana, to name a few.

Recorded at Track Record Studio in North Hollywood, California, with producer Mark Wolfson, “Asian Red” has garnered much attention and earned the band a loyal following of fans.

The group knows that in order to play locally, covers will be demanded of them, but they remain dedicated to their own material as well. “it is hard to overcome, even for us, so we do both,” explains Larry Grab about their reluctance to play covers. “You’ve just got to find the right mix of covers versus originals. It depends on the venue but we are mixing as many originals as we can at a show. Lately it has been Earth, Wind & Fire covers as well as Steely Dan and Rush.”

It is no secret that Grab Brothers Band is on the cusp of elevating to a level of success that cannot be contained on the cape.  The bond and dedication between the two Grab Brothers has helped the group stay strong for 10-plus years and schedule shows at places such as the Hatch Shell in Boston, gigs in New York, and an upcoming show at the Charlesmark Hotel in Boston. But keep an eye out and you just might catch them at one of their many favorite stomping grounds on the Cape. Including House Of Bud’s in Hyannis or Land Ho! In Harwich or the BBC in Falmouth.

Regarding his band playing out and spreading all over. Larry Grab adds, “If they feed us and pay us well, we’ll be there!”

January 31, 2013

Grab Brothers songs get licensed: 2012-2013

1. Red Bull


3. MTV/VH1

4. Alice Cooper

January 22, 2013

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February 20, 2010

Asian Red (8-song CD)
Formerly a cover band, Grab Brothers have released a full length of original music. Far from derivative, this album offers up a fresh slice of Americana, owing a lot to the sound of seventies bands like Pink Floyd and the Eagles, while also delving deep into independent influences like Wilco, Grant Lee Buffalo, Chris Smither, and the Blood Oranges. The result is an easy blend of folk, country and classic rock. This album really succeeds on the easy, laid back flow of melodic ideas. All in all, this CD stands as a cohesive band album and an album that bears repeated listening for those who want a little flavor in their classic rock without sounding trite or cliché. (Joel Simches)

February 8, 2010

February 8, 2011 | by Skope

This next interview I did a while back but I could not think of a more perfect time to post. The Grab Brothers Band are made up of two real brothers, Marc & Larry. These guys work hard and they do music even harder. While we are dealing with snow & cold weather these guys are gearing up for a big summer full of live shows all over Cape Cod, MA. It really does not get any better than that. My favorite song from these guys is ‘Holly Would.” Its more of an anthem than a song and it’s off the album, ‘Asian Red.’ Join us as Grab Brothers Band talk about making music with your brother, getting a deal without selling out, where to see them on the Cape, and much more. You can even grab Grabby Wigs for $10 on their site! (more…)

November 19, 2009

The Grab Brothers from Provincetown have a new CD out and it’s a lot of fun. Titled “Asian Red,” after the lead song, it is a mix of lively sounds and some jaunty instrumentals for ’70s retro fans. Punctuated by a clever dose of songwriting, it was imaginatively penned by the brothers Larry and Marc, along with Neil Citron and Mark Wolfson. [...]

Grab Brothers mix it up musically on latest CD.

Melora B. North (Provincetown Banner) — Nov 19, 2009 (more…)

November 19, 2009

The Grab Brothers Band began to convert a growing base of support by playing the music of classic rockers such as Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull and Yes. But with the recent release of the CD “Asian Red,” it has begun to gain attention for its own creativity.

This band of brothers — which, when playing live, also includes non-sibs Jason Wamboldt on drums and Rob Scott on keyboards and guitars — says there is one element of a relationship that can rise above any differences and conflicts: making music. [...]

Family harmony with the Grab brothers
SEAN McCARTHY, November 19, 2009

June 11, 2008

By Melora B. North, 11/06/08

As kids, Provincetown brothers Marc and Larry Grab were always playing music, making up songs and having fun with the musings that crossed their imaginations. Today their whimsical mental and musical wanderings are paying off in a big way. In fact, if things go the way they hope the pair, along with the other two members of their four-piece group called the Grab Brothers, are poised on the precipice, about to tumble into that netherworld where fame is the name of the game, leaving us behind in the glitter of their success to mumble amongst ourselves, “I used to know them when…

May 10, 2007

Article By Michael Persson
May 10, 2007 Vol. 30.05